Sectors covered

Anticipation of requirements

Since 2005, Axeflow has been anticipating technological, regulatory and environmental requirements for the compliance of our processes.

We assist companies specialised in the fields of Healthcare/Hygiene/Beauty Care, Agri-food, Distribution and Manufacturing to improve their Supply Chain and Operational Logistics.

The Healthcare, Hygiene and Beauty Care industries must comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. These have a significant impact on Supply Chain optimisation aimed at increasing added value and controlling operating costs.

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The Agri-Food and Bio-Industries sectors have new development prospects with regard to manufactured products as well as their packaging. In view of the recent crises and new information technologies, the construction of traceability within the Supply Chain is undergoing new developments.

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The manufacturing industry must now give serious thought to Supply Chain Management. It places customers directly at the heart of factories and must control the overall supply chain as efficiently as possible, from the first supplier to the end-customer.

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The retail and wholesale sectors have become indispensable in our consumer societies. E-commerce has revolutionised the logistics channels available to customers, whose satisfaction and loyalty require an increasing number of rapid, seamless services.

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