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Axeflow is a Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering consulting firm

Agile logistics for a customer-centric supply chain

As experts in supply chain management and logistics engineering, we provide real added value to our clients through an efficient assistance approach.

For over 15 years now, we have been working on optimising the “flows that are crucial to your performance”.

Our firm provides you with advice (design) and engineering (implementation) services.

We advise you on the improvements to implement. We place you in a situation where you are required to make choices and take decisions for the future of your business, and we then guarantee their implementation within the set budgets and lead times!

In view of the diversity of the assignments and business sectors handled by our team, we are able to offer you “customised” assistance tailored to your needs.


Understanding and fulfilling your objectives


Creating new services


- Ensuring internal or external growth

- Promoting new directions for your company's activities

- Boosting the capacities of factories and warehouses


Increasing added value


- Re-allocating operations
- Improving the efficiency of your order preparation
- Eliminating bottlenecks
- Reorganising product allocations in your warehouses
- Extending collaborations between services and/or companies


Outsourcing/insourcing your logistics


- Transferring your industrial and logistics activities while controlling physical flows and data flows

- Outsourcing your logistics

- Controlling the continuity of operations, distribution and customer service


Optimising your processes and flows


- Thinking Supply Chain Management and acting accordingly throughout the product life cycle
- Improving communication between your services (purchasing, logistics, sales, and production)
- Establishing progress indicators and dashboards

Getting the most value

Maximising the return on equipment

Getting the most value

- Making your Supply Chain an added value

- Optimising your procurement, production, distribution and transport plans

- Pooling your resources and increasing their flexibility

Ensuring security

Ensuring the security of your workstations

Ensuring security

- Ensuring the traceability of your products, flows and processes

- Ensuring the security of your workstations

- Applying institutional and business-specific regulations

Our vision to enhance your business

Turning our assignments into levers that boost your logistics performance

Our solutions take into account your company’s objectives, while ensuring sufficient flexibility to enable you to adapt your activities to new challenges and possible changes in your markets. They are substantiate with technical, qualitative and financial details. They are concrete and achievable, as their feasibility has been time-tested for numerous applications.

Logistics is an indispensable growth lever.

Logistics sets your company in motion to achieve improvement and development objectives.

Through agile flows, you will be able to respond to market changes and regulatory requirements and thus satisfy your customers..

Through the agility of your overall flows (physical, data, human and financial) and cross-functional flows, you will increase the  profitability of your company and be able to achieve your strategic financial objectives.

This requires their segmentation into  appropriate objectives to be implemented in terms of operational logistics.

Having a clear Supply Chain vision is the key to optimisation and performance!

Adopting a pragmatic, empirical methodology.

Using a dynamic project, approach is the guarantee of upgradable, adaptable solutions for a result-based commitment.

As consultants, but primarily operational experts specialised in logistics, we design our solutions using a pragmatic approach centred on the analysis of business activities and knowledge of the best practices.

Our work methodology rests on a structured project organisation and proven operating procedures with real-time communication.

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We are Axeflow

Over 25 years' experience in Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering consulting


Engineering degree, arts et métiers – partner & chairman

Plus de 30 ans d’expérience en Conseil Supply Chain et Ingénierie Logistique

Florence THOMIN

Engineering degree, EPF ecole d’ingénieurs-e-s – partner

Plus de 30 ans d’expérience en Conseil et Ingénierie Logistique.

Olivier DECLE

Engineering degree, insa lyon, mechanical engineering – partner

Plus de 25 ans d’expérience en Conseil Supply Chain et Ingénierie Logistique.

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